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A rich dark chocolate cake with Belgian chocolate ganache. This cake is exceptionally moist, yet very light which allows for it to be paired with the rich chocolate ganache. Can be flavoured with coffee or orange, and the chocolate ganache can be either milk or dark chocolate. The ganache can also be substituted for traditional chocolate buttercream, or a chocolate-hazelnut ganache, if you prefer. 


Moist sponge cake flavoured with real Madagascan Vanilla. This cake can be flavoured with various syrups such as Rum, which is very popular with the grown-ups! Traditionally paired with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream, other fillings can be used, including Swiss Meringue Buttercream. Any flavoured buttercream or fruit compote makes an excellent pairing for this cake!

Madagascan Vanilla

Super moist cake with a deep red colour. This cake, traditionally from the States, is becoming an increasingly popular flavour here in the UK. A sort of halfway house between vanilla and chocolate cake, once you have tried our Red Velvet Cake, you won't want to eat any other recipe! This cake is traditionally paired with cream cheese frosting, but can be coupled up with any frosting or ganache of your choice.

Probably the best fruit cake you will ever have! We soak the fruit in brandy (and I mean SOAK the fruit - there's no skimping on the booze here), for at least 24 hours before baking. This makes the richest and most moist fruitcake. This cake can keep for months if kept in the right conditions. Great for anyone wanting to keep the top tier for the traditional christening cake. This cake is very fruit-rich, and contains nuts.

Rich &
Fruit Cake

We can make almost any cake flavour or flavour combination that you can imagine. You can mix things up with different fillings, add fruit or cookies to create different textures in your cake.

Cakes can even be coloured to fit a theme. 

We will always advise on what types of cake will work best for your chosen design (some aren't suitable for sculpted cakes, for example)


A beautifully delicately spiced cake, very moist. The recipe we use contains pecan nuts instead of traditional walnuts as they are slightly sweeter, and less bitter. Goes fantastically with cream cheese frosting, but brandy or cinnamon flavoured buttercreams also go brilliantly with this cake. Can be made without nuts if required.


Who said Gluten-Free had to be flavour-free?!! This is a flourless cake, so suits gluten-free diets perfectly. Taking inspiration from Middle-Eastern flavours, pistachio and cardamom have long been culinary friends, and this recipe compliments that friendship perfectly. If you need a gluten free cake but are tired of the strange texture of most gluten-free offerings, try this cake!

Pistachio & Cardamom Cake (GF)

Macarons really are one of the very best treats you can have.

These melt in the mouth little bites of heaven are just that - heavenly!!!

Our signature flavour, salted chocolate almond is very popular, but other flavours (coconut, raspberry, salted caramel - the list is endless!) are also available. 

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