Fondant Covered

from £50

A 6" or 8" sponge or chocolate cake with standard buttercream. Decorated in fondant, with a printed image or simple fondant decorations.

Other flavours/fillings can be made at additional cost.

A 6 inch cake (at least 4" tall) will serve 8-12. A 8" cake (at least 4" tall) will serve 16-24


from £75

A 8" cake with swiss meringue buttercream or cream cheese frosting. Includes fruitcake (at least 3 months' notice required), red velvet cake and carrot cake. Covered in chocolate ganache under fondant. Decorated in fondant, with fondant decorations.

Other flavours/fillings are available. A 8" cake (at least 4" tall) will serve 16-24


from £120

a 2-tiered cake, typically 6" and 8". Smaller sculpted cakes also fall into this price range. 

A 2 tiered cake (6" + 8") will serve 24 - 36

from £175

Wedding cakes, all cakes of 3 tiers or more.

Large sculpted cakes or cakes with a lot of decoration.

Tailored quote provided after consultation.